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Auto Window Tinting Benefits

When SUN-GARD automotive window film is applied to your vehicle, you will immediately see and feel the difference. All SUN-GARD window films offer state-of-the-art solar protection and durability that will enhance your vehicle's look and performance. With a variety of color and shades to choose from, there is a SUN-GARD window film that is for everyone. 

All SUN-GARD Films:

  •   Enhances Vehicle Appearance - A vehicle with SUN-GARD window film simply looks better. By installing SUN-GARD window film, a vehicle will have an impressive appearance that is second to none.

  •   Increases Comfort - SUN-GARD films reject up to 67% of the sun's heat - creating a uniform interior temperature.

  •   Reduces Glare - SUN-GARD films reduce the annoying glare from the sun and other vehicle headlights, thus, improving driving safety.

  •   Blocks UV Radiation - All SUN-GARD window films screen out up to 99% of the sun's invisible ultraviolet (UV-A) radiation, which is the principal cause of premature skin aging.

  •   Protects The Vehicle - SUN-GARD films help block UV radiation, visible light and heat from fading the interior fabrics and plastics of a vehicle, thus keeping interiors looking new longer.

  •   Protects Passengers - If a vehicle's window is ever broken, SUN-GARD film will help hold the potentially dangerous pieces together and safely away from passengers.